Eide Bailly & Conservis Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Advice to the Farm

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Ag industry leaders collaborate to bridge the gap between digital farm data & financial insightsMINNEAPOLIS, Minn., August 9, 202 – Conservis, a global leader in solutions-driven farm management systems (FMS), and Eide Bailly, a top 25 CPA and consulting firm, announce a partnership to promote deeper understanding around the benefits of farm data optimization and the related financial decision-making strategies …

Planning harvest with FMS, trusted advisors, & CPAs can boost farm profitability in 2022

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By Scott Schmidt, Conservis VP of Business Development & Partnerships Because of the skill-set they bring to the table, and their problem solving expertise, working with CPAs who understand farm accounting allows for a deeper dive into what helps a farmer thrive. These trusted advisors can scrutinize information from a farm management system (FMS) to ensure that growers are empowered …

Technology is the foundation for advisory conversations leading to long-term successful farms

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A farmer, an electrician, and an engineer walk into a bar…These three individuals have a historic tie – as well as an integral modern relationship that is on the precipice of a revolution. Early refrigeration inventions brought together individuals from differing industries when breweries in North America were the first to recognize the enormous benefits of this latest technology. German …

Trusted advisors will provide a competitive edge

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Trusted advisors help growers navigate the modern farm by delivering actionable advice that’s grounded in numbers. Growers are collecting unprecedented farm and field-level information from their equipment, and farm management systems like Conservis bring that data together.