Conservis Corporation Announces the Launch of Machine Data Integration Eliminating the Need for Manual Data Entry for Growers

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Conservis Corporation, the leading provider of Enterprise Ag Management Solutions, is excited to announce today the launch of machine data integration capturing growers’ as-applied and yield data directly from the John Deere Operations Center. Now growers can conveniently access John Deere Operations Center production data and Conservis data in one platform.

Conservis’s Machine Data Integration automatically takes production and harvest data directly from John Deere Operations Center and integrates it into the Conservis platform. This integration eliminates the need for manual interaction and the risk of human error associated with manual data entry. Growers can now compare as-applied records from their equipment to planned activities and work order tasks all within Conservis to easily identify and correct inefficiencies. Tracking inventory is automated because as-applied records deplete inventory as inputs are used. Additionally, for the harvest season, growers can automatically utilize combine yield and moisture data, including yield maps for each field directly in Conservis.

“The launch of machine data integration is a game-changer for growers,” states Michael Borman, Senior Vice President Product and Marketing of Conservis. “This is a big step towards unifying data across the farm making data entry one less thing for work crews and managers to do during the busy production and harvest seasons. Providing growers with a single, unaltered source for their data eliminates the headache and heartburn of having to compare information in disparate, single-point systems. We look forward to expanding our machine data integration capabilities for growers in the near future.”

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