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Understand your farm’s profitability using Cost & Profit Analytics

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In our conversations with growers, we’ve heard about many of the thoughts that weigh on you. I want to make the best decisions for my farm. It’s frustrating to get at the information I believe I need. I'm sure I could negotiate better land rentals if I could show the owner the real value of their land. I want to better understand my breakevens.

From the beginning, we’ve worked to solve the problems that matter to you, the grower. One of the biggest stressors is making sure your operation is sustainable from a profit perspective. That's why we're excited to announce a new part of our platform that's giving growers even better economic insight into their operations.

Discover Cost & Profit Analytics at Conservis which gives a field or crop-level view of your profitability, allowing you to make confident decisions about the future of your farming business.

Field profit screenshot showing what becomes visible when you hover over a field

Introducing Cost & Profit Analytics

It’s one thing to see costs and yields for your crops and fields; it’s another to see an actual profit. We often hear that profit is more valuable to see than yield or revenue. Since you want to easily learn what is working and not working financially, this tool helps you make plans that can improve your profitability.

Cost & Profit Analytics complements our Zone Economics technology.

  • Cost & Profit Analytics shows the costs and profit for specific fields.
  • Zone Economics sheds additional light on the why, letting you see variability within your fields on a map.

Empowering you with answers

We want to make it easier and easier for you to analyze your farm data and make decisions you can be confident about. That’s why, in addition to things like simplifying record-keeping, tracking and managing inventory, and easing the reporting burden, we’re focused on building tools you can use to view your results with an economic lens. No longer do you have to wonder if more expensive varieties or additional inputs are paying off economically.

Which of these critical business questions run through your mind?

Farmers with thought bubbles asking questions that keep them up at night.

You can discover the answers to these questions through Cost & Profit Analytics. Conservis farm management system pulls in your costs whether entered through activity tickets or collected through Machine Integration, and allows you to supplement any missing direct costs such as crop insurance. Get a truly complete picture by incorporating indirect costs, either from your Conservis budget or your accounting system.

"This is what we’ve been waiting for and it's a big part of why we’ve been entering data for years."

Midwest Farmer

Rental negotiations

Many producers wonder about rental negotiations, or whether or not a certain field is worth its rent. Cost & Profit Analytics can perform an analysis by farm or by field as well as view profit per acre. Hover over each field and get information detailing the profitability of a field you're renting to remove some of the uncertainty. 


For each crop you have turned on while inside Cost & Profit Analytics, get a summary of the price, yield, revenue, and most importantly, your breakeven price. Knowing your breakeven prices helps you make smarter decisions. If you're looking mid-year and don't have your yield or contracted prices, you have the ability to create "what-if" scenarios, seeing your what your breakeven prices may be depending on the varying factors at play. 

Field performance, financially speaking

Prices, input costs, management practices: growers also want to know what exactly is impacting profit or loss in specific fields. While inside the tool, click into any given field and see the costs associated with that field (seed, chemical, fertilizer, and many others), see cost per acre or cost per bushel, as well as how that field compares to other fields.

Cost of seed, chemical, fertilizer


Cost & Profit Analytics screenshot

Then, jump over and view fields in Zone Economics to visualize specific areas of specific fields. 


Easily create and save reports regarding the answers you're getting from this analysis, and feel the confidence gained from having a better economic picture of your operation.

Conservis Cost & Profit Analytics helps you gain valuable insight into the financial performance of your farm. Look at both how your fields or crops performed in the past and use it mid-season to create “what-if” scenarios. It's a simple but powerful tool, and we're excited to see our growers putting it to good use.


“We tested this with many growers to make sure we were hitting their profit analysis needs. This was invaluable feedback to improve what we did, and even more so for future enhancements we're working on.”

Don Leick, Conservis Senior Product Manager

You have a lot to managetake some of the pressure off by getting answers to your questions and insight into your decisions.

Conservis is the leading independent farm management software system. Interested in the value we could add to your operation?

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