Conservis Tailors Management Platform To Address Tree Nut Market

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Conservis Corp, the industry leader in Enterprise Ag Management (EAM), announced today an extension of their business management platform geared to the unique needs of tree nut producers. The added functionality is a product of in-depth conversations with the largest growers in the Salinas Valley region of California who see the same value in farm management systems as crop producers in other regions.

As part of their comprehensive platform, Conservis has responded to growers needing:

  • Planning and budgeting for profitability
  • Workforce management automation
  • Tank mix instructions and traceability
  • Purchasing and inventory management
  • Field tracking and recording
  • Harvest inventory/reconciliation

The most pressing issue Conservis solves in the latest release is a farm manager’s lack of control over the complexities and dynamics of managing a farm workforce. After devising a profitable plan, farm managers can now effectively and reliably enforce those plans with their staff and contractors. Aligning all levels of a farm operation leads to tighter management and is a catalyst for collecting accurate information and communicating to external stakeholders.

“Current means of communication do not provide sufficient information and instruction to field workers,” says Jack Makowski, Conservis perennials market segment manager. “Using the Conservis system offers complete transparency and detail into the tasks that need to be completed, such as crew logistics, tank mixes and variety by block costing.” Makowski adds, “Our high-touch support ensures growers are maximizing the platform and seeing value across their enterprise.”

Brody Blain, owner and operator of Pacific Gold Ag, a large tree nut operation with offices in central California, sees tremendous value in farm-level activity data and reporting for those with a financial interest in his operation. “Providing information to farm owners, investors and trusts requires a compilation of data that was previously in many different places,” says Blain. “Conservis is addressing our immediate need to bring that all together.”

The accurate and up-to-the-minute field activity information collected makes adhering to strict and ever-changing government regulations more reliable with an automated system that captures critical data.

“The Food Safety Modernization Act states you need to have records of what people, equipment and inputs were on a specific block, and Conservis allows us to adhere to the demands of regulatory agencies,” says Blain.

The latest release is the first of many that will deliver a complete solution to tree nut producers, initially in California and then worldwide.

About Conservis 

Based in Minneapolis, Conservis is dedicated to helping farmers as the business of farming changes. The company’s cloud-based platform offers farmers a service-centric platform to track activity, integrate to outside data, manage resources and make better decisions. Data can be shared at the farmer’s discretion with partners, landowners, funders and insurance companies. Conservis was founded in 2009 and serves farms across the U.S., Canada, Australia and Eastern Europe. To learn more, visit