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Conservis Automation Expedites Economic Insights For Orchard Growers

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Farm management leader provides efficient financial performance to orchards and farms

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 1, 2021 -- Conservis, the global leader in enterprise farm management software takes expertise in automating row crop operations and applies it to orchards. With the end goal being orchard profitability, Conservis simplifies data capture by connecting systems while improving accuracy. While few producers enjoy collecting data, every orchard manager needs immediate access to information that fuels informed decision-making.

“We are excited to exchange data between the Conservis platform and partners like AgOtter,” stated Aneetha Gopalan, Sr Director of Integrations and Analytics at Conservis. This integration gives growers a unified, centralized view of their operations by providing insights that are driven by reliable, high-quality data.”

Producers deserve tools that mechanically marry costs with field activities. When an orchard or farm’s operational data becomes linked to financial performance, managers can connect the dots to see where money is being made and lost. Technology platforms that transfer data directly to others without the need for manual entry create additional value for managers. Manual data entry is cumbersome and when removed, the data is collected accurately and rigorously.

“We’ve been pulling machine data into the Conservis platform for the last four years on row crop operations,” stated Conservis Co-founder, Chuck Faison. “Today, we’re transforming that prowess into orchard automation to ensure it’s as easy as possible to manage the business of farming profitably.” 

One example of orchard automation brings operational and financial information together using Insero's AgOtter. Orchard managers rely on AgOtter, a rate control and calibration system installed on ground rigs and sprayers. When paired with Conservis, it automatically receives sprayer rates and swaths on an operator’s mobile device, eliminating the potential for costly errors such as over or under spraying. Conservis automatically captures spraying activities and creates reports for business analysis and regulatory compliance. This automation provides significant time savings. Conservis farm software visually shows an orchard manager precisely what was done, when. By aggregating this information within the Conservis platform, it is transformed into powerful insights, allowing managers to see a bird’s eye view of financial performance. 

Conservis remains dedicated to simplifying the business of farming with automation that improves accuracy and efficiency. Together with partners, Conservis will continue to link operational data with financial performance to improve profitability at the farm level.

About Conservis

Conservis is the leading independent farm management service, providing growers the digital tools and information needed for success. The web and mobile platforms deliver comprehensive planning tools, real-time data capture and insightful analytics to support better decision making and efficient reporting. Conservis was founded in 2009 with and for farmers in the permanent and row crop markets, and is dedicated to advancing the business of agriculture.

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