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Conservis Adds New Budgeting Module in Response to Requests by Farmers

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., November 1, 2022 Conservis, a global leader in farm management software solutions (FMS), launches a new Budgeting module based on client requests. Consistent with the company’s focus on listening to feedback from growers and developing tools to tie financials and operations together, Budgeting brings a streamlined approach to the aggregation of farm activities and financials. 

It empowers farmers to:

  • Save time and reduce stress when creating budgets and plans for next year.
  • Develop stronger budgets and plans with more realistic profitability predictions.
  • Access data necessary for smoother processes while working with lenders.
  • Easily get quotes for products with an input shopping list.
  • Manage against a budget throughout the year by seeing a clear plan vs. actual comparison.

Conservis has long provided Planning & Financials modules with extensive capabilities. Every farm operation is unique, and some growers requested a more simplified roadmap for applying financial perspectives to farm management. Conservis developers spent more than a year building a solution, including work with experts from Rabo AgriFinance and agriculture-focused CPAs to ensure Budgeting would provide financial clarity necessary for advising their clients.

Sr. Product Manager at Conservis, Don Leick, spearheaded the module development, working with farmers to best understand their needs and test the solution. Even though Budgeting is a solution for growers who want a more simplified approach to connecting farm finances, the journey from conception to completion has been intense. 


“It’s hard to make things easy. It takes a big investment to make a complex process simple.”

Don Leick - Sr. Product Manager at Conservis

At a time when other farm management systems are scaling back investing in new features, Conservis is working alongside growers to deliver requested functionality. The beta testers for Budgeting speak to the ease of use and like the intuitive wizard approach of the module. Jeff Deeds of Empire Prairie says, “It’s nice we can start out with a generic plan then go back and edit easily.”

As Conservis continues to grow and develop solutions for farmers, the company looks to produce further enhancements that help make farming easier and more profitable.

About Conservis

Conservis is a global powerhouse in farm management software, providing both row and permanent crop growers the digital tools and information needed for success. The web and mobile platforms deliver comprehensive planning tools, real-time data capture, and insightful analytics to support better decision making and efficient reporting.

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