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Immediate access to field-level production data drives better financial results

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Work smarter, not harder. Farmers are already some of the hardest working individuals out there, putting in an average of 10+ hours of work each day. Make the most of those hours when you use a farm business management system to improve your productivity - and profitability. Smart technology = smart work.

Smarter ag technology brings flexible solutions and profitability

Spring production season on the farm is like strapping yourself into an amusement park ride - one with tunnels so you can’t predict what will happen next around each corner, dips you have to stomach, and a relieved sigh at the successful end. Farm business management software is your smart and secure harness. We stay with you for the duration, bringing tools that give you access to clear data for a smoother, smarter ride.


“When you farm, not every year is the same. Sometimes products change, sometimes your way of thinking changes. Maybe that practice is no longer working, but Conservis is your way electronically to look back at what you've done, what you're going to do, and where you want to be.”

Mike Sproule, Sproule Farms

Work Orders and Ownership Reports give clear data

Our Production platform simplifies the work you and your team put into the season - from the back office manager to the part-time field worker.

  • Get intuitive work orders so employees understand the plan of activities and you can see real-time planting progress.
  • Make quick changes on the fly to react to weather, inputs, and labor availability changes.
  • Use the Production App to stay in the know whether you are in the field or the back office.

Efficient and streamlined communication enables growers to easily assess progress on production, and the Ownership Reports of Conservis add another layer of clarity. All of this leads to more efficient analysis of cost of production on the farm.


“With all of our work orders and field tickets, we're keeping track of where we were on what dates and times. And for the spring tickets it also brings in the temperatures and humidity and wind conditions which is a really big thing.”

Michael Bates, Bates Next Generation Farms

Detailed Field Activity Reports reveal both big picture and fine details

Farmers access real-time data through a customizable dashboard experience. Australian macadamia grower and Managing Director at MacField Farms, Henrik Christiansen relies on Conservis reports to oversee the large operation.


“One of the tools that gives me a quick snapshot of where we're at is the dashboard and I can customize it to what I want. It's got a nice little pretty map of the farm with activities that are happening. You can drill down into that and say, ‘Okay, what are my completed activities?’ Then you can drill into that activity further if you want, but the dashboard is a really good, quick overview.”  

Henrik Christiansen, MacField Farms 

The roller coaster ride of the agriculture production season can be unpredictable and sometimes uncomfortable, but you sit in a position of decision-making power with the depth and breadth of reporting options. Aaron Lee of Cornerstone Family Farms appreciates the true-time data access. “It’s live action; it’s right there. We can pull the report instantly and know where we are on our production or inventories.”

Other examples of what growers and managers have access to with Conservis summaries and reports include:


“With Conservis, we don’t have to wait until the work is done to know what happened, we can see it all in real time.”

Bernard Peterson, Managing Partner at Peterson Farms

A comprehensive dashboard for enhanced production this season

With Conservis, comprehensive takes on a whole new meaning. We help you take into consideration everything from specific field shapes to different software users to detailed ownership reporting capabilities.

If you’re going to go on that stomach-flipping ride, don’t you want the strongest seatbelt available? When you track labor, inputs, and equipment costs during production you get an extensive cost picture, by field, that allows you to make future decisions. Smarter and stronger decisions.


“You have to be able to closely monitor what is coming both into and out of your doors in regards to inputs and inventory, because the bottom line is that is your money coming and going. Having a tool like Conservis to track that is invaluable.”

Kim Brown, Financial Specialist, Cornerstone Family Farm

What is your end goal of jumping on that roller coaster of farming? Whatever your yield goals are, they all start with the inputs during production. As Don Donovan wrote in Indiana PrairieFarmer, “Yields make for bragging rights at the coffee shop but they don’t tell the whole story.” 

The whole story of the ride comes from strong data collection and decisions, long before yields are on the horizon. “Inputs are just as much of the bottom line as yield and price per bushel at the elevator,” says Donovan. He challenges farmers to seek the true costs of production, including out-of-pocket expenses like fuel, prorated expenses like equipment, and labor - even if it is their own personal time commitment. 

Conservis helps you do all of this.

Machine integration during production brings big advantages

Conservis works with John Deere Operations Center displays including John Deere GreenStar 2, GreenStar 3 and Generation 4 displays and Climate FieldView™ to bring you the strongest machine integration platforms. What does that mean to you? Automatic synchronization of those field records and production data.

  • Automatically receive as-applied field record data.
  • Access as-applied coverage maps.
  • Track inputs easily because as-applied records connect with inventory.

Don't just take our word for it. Scott Wiens of Wiens Farms likes how his favorite equipment syncs with Conservis. "My underwear's pretty much green and yellow. We've been John Deere people for as long as I can remember. The MyJohnDeere platform has been one of the better ways in which to acquire the field data with Conservis. I think those two things work well together."

“In the spring, it's nice to know with machine integration, how much we're planting. I can pull up my iPad and see how many units of a seed that I have or how many gallons or ounces of a certain chemical. If we're running low on something, I can go back and order something without the lag time of waiting on chemical to come in.”

Aaron Lee, Cornerstone Family Farms

Have you been searching for a way to better manage the planting season?
Are you ready to truly understand your costs of production?

Conservis sits with you for the ride. A smoother, stronger, smarter ride.

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