Data protection is no joke, both on and off the farm

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We live in a world where data is bought and sold. It’s just a reality that our personal information is out there, floating around the internet, and while we can take measures to protect ourselves, the fact is that data management has become more complicated in the digital age. 

That’s why we take data protection seriously.

We know it’s something you’re concerned about, and frankly, you should be. We want you to know that we’ve taken intentional steps to be 100% sure your farm data is private and secure. At Conservis, we don’t just collect your data—we protect it.

With Conservis, your information is private

We resolutely believe that your data is exactly that: yours.

There are strict data rules in place in other industries, but somehow in farming the farmer’s data is still sometimes seen as property of other organizations working with farmers. That’s something that needs to change, says Mike Borman, a founder of Conservis. “I think we are already starting to see this change in the ag tech space,” he says.

Farmers’ data belongs to farmers. It’s not complicated—it just needs to become the norm as the farm goes digital. “In terms of rules, they are fairly straight forward. Crop growers own their data and it can only be used or shared with their consent,” says Borman. “This needs to become the universal standard.”

Ag Data Transparent LogoA few years back, the data privacy concerns of farmers helped create the Ag Data Transparency, an effort to unite the industry around a high standard of data privacy on the farm. We’re 100% on board and you can view our Ag Data Transparency certification here. It’s one way of showing you we’re serious about data protection.

Your farm information is private with Conservis. All data or information submitted by you in connection with our services remains yours. It won’t be shared unless you specifically authorize it. We’ve never marketed grower data to third parties, and we’re an independent farmer software company, so you can be sure your data isn’t being used in ways other than to directly benefit you.

“From the beginning, our philosophy was that growers' data is truly growers' data. Our job is to protect it and help the farmer use it to create insight and ultimately improve business outcomes.” 

Mike Borman, founder of Conservis

With Conservis, your information is secure

Another valid concern in the digital age is the security of information that lives in “the cloud.” You want to make sure your farm information is safe and secure. 

Crashes, hacking, breaches—these are things that do happen, and it’s beyond stressful to worry about years of information being lost or inappropriately accessed. With Conservis, you can rest knowing your data is secure. Our systems are hosted with Amazon’s AWS, the gold standard for data security. All information is backed up off-site and running 24/7. We utilize powerful firewalls and 100% encryption, and our Cloud Operation Team performs regular threat and vulnerability checks.

We mean business when we talk data security. We know how important it is that your information is backed up and protected. Your data is safe with us: no worries, and no setbacks in your business.

Hear it from Kyle

Kyle Mehmen, a grower and Conservis customer in Plainfield, Iowa, attests to our commitment to integrity and transparency around farmer data. “Our comfort level is very high with Conservis,” he said. “They have at every turn, where there may be a concern of data security, been very mindful. They’ll say, ‘we have a need to look at something here… would you be okay with us looking at that?’”

Kyle Mehmen, MBS Family Farms

Kyle Mehmen

Kyle knows that we work with farmers to build long-term relationships based on trust. “We just have no concerns that our information is going anywhere,” he says. “I guess maybe that comes back to kind of the thing where we feel like we've been in this together for so long that it’s kind of like trusting your sister. It’s part of the family."

We’ve been around for over a decade. Data is what we do, and we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that when you work with us, you can rest knowing your information is private and secure.

Your data is your business—quite literally. Protecting it is something we don’t take it lightly.

Conservis is the leading independent farm management software. You can be sure we're putting your data to work for you and you only. Get in touch with any questions and see what our data tools could do on your operation.

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