Industry Partnership Between Rabo AgriFinance & Conservis Translates Farm Data into Financial Management

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Chicago (Dec. 5, 2018) – Rabo AgriFinance and Conservis announce a partnership that marks the next evolution in how farms utilize ag data to make informed business decisions. The companies will co-develop technology that makes it possible for U.S. crop farmers to seamlessly – and nearly effortlessly – connect their real-time field and management data with financial results.

Armed with consistent, real-time and easily shareable data in the Conservis platform, farmers and farm managers can make decisions sooner and more easily communicate with their lender and business partners about changes throughout the year.

“To have two companies already working with farmers pair up like this, so I can break down the wall between the mountains of farm data and my financials, is something great,” says Aaron Lee, general manager of Cornerstone Family Farms in southern Indiana near Salem. “No other farm management platforms have cracked that nut. What Rabo AgriFinance and Conservis are doing is at the forefront of what this industry needs.”

Sherman Black, CEO of Conservis adds, “Given the economic conditions that farmers are facing, there has never been a more appropriate time to unite ag tech and fintech. Rabo AgriFinance and Conservis have a shared mission focused on the farmer’s success and legacy. As a global leader, they are a great partner for us and our clients.”

The Conservis platform enables farmers to organize all the data coming in from different sources and platforms, eliminate manual entry, create winning business plans and confidently manage their cost and production operations throughout the entire year. Farmers will be able to generate lender-ready, up-to-date reports that they can easily share with their Rabo AgriFinance lender.

With the independent Conservis platform, farmers own their data and control when Rabo AgriFinance receives information.

“Conservis works exclusively with leading producers internationally as we do, so they understand the complex business needs of our clients,” says Curt Hudnutt, executive vice president of Rabo AgriFinance and head of rural business in North America for Rabobank. “We are committed to connecting our clients to tools that might help them not only manage risk and finances but also the other challenges of managing a business. After extensive research, we feel confident in the Conservis farm management software and their hands-on approach to helping clients get the most of their Product.”

In working together, Rabo AgriFinance and Conservis are positioned to explore industry advancements like benchmarking, integrations with accounting software and other new services to help improve decision making and profitability.


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